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Hladan Balkan Kompilacija 2 [2015] download

1. Muka – Sumpor I Sol
2. Ha Det Bra – In Lies
3. Bizon - Vladimir
4. Udav - Auto-da-fé
5. Lack Of Soul - Dig
6. Ponor – Naš dan
7. Drama – Vakuum Duša
8. Berlusconi - Backhanded
9. Moř – Damin Gambit
10. Brut - Jezero
11. Moskau – The Ceremony
12. Decomposing Entity – Undo The Error
13. Uma Thurman - I Am The High Fucking Priestess
14. Seppuku – Get To The Shelter
15. Morn - Cuckhold
16. Panorama – Dok Prolaze Svjetla
17. Monox – Graced By Error
18. Negative Slug - Anguish
19. Kult Perunov – Tron Od Jarosti I Trnja
20. Defiant - Origen

Hladan Balkan Kompilacija 2.2.
1. Black Cult – In Satan We Trust
2. Asheerah - I Know You Will Not Return To Me One Day
3. Lizards Exist – Annunaki Dance
4. Smogart – Ples Života, Ples Smrti
5. HellBack – Dvije Lobanje
6. Jaded – Final Thought
7. KGF – Dosta Je Bilo
8. Kriva Istina – Jedna Obitelj
9. No Name – Ne Ekologija
10. Pičke Vrište – Svijet Ludila
11. Rens Argoa - Pontiac Man With a Cadillac
12. Jam Ritual - Moves
13. Them Moose Rush - Soldier
14. Begbie - Mould
15. Plastic Knives – Tongue In Cheek
16. Left To Starve – Ignorance Is Bliss
17. Atum – Sleep Ritual
18. Cripple And Casino - Et Idéal?
19. Abroad Experiments – Pussy Scream
20. Bolesno Grinje – Z.L.O.

Hladan Balkan Kompilacija 2.3.
1. Tanker - Second Frequency
2. Bezdan - Of Visions and Voyages
3. Drone Hunter - The Crow's Final Scream
4. Shin - Edge Of Reason
5. Ablutofobija - Ovce
6. Disbaja – Light Them Up
7. Under Nihilo - The Befuddled Conman and his Annoying Friend
8. Two Faces Of Gaia – Silver Tongues
9. ESC Life – What We Want Is Useless
10. Me As Well - Lasting Values
11. Abergaz – L00di Panks
12. Chaos Addict – Everlasting Misery
13. Sagan – Desert Locust
14. Årsta – Fall Of Iriy
15. Dot Konektor - Black Holes In Your Eyes
16. Tkivo – In Everything
17. Stencher – At The Bottom Of The Pit
18. Stepped Out - Streets Of My Town
19. Uninvited - Destroy, Rebuild, Admire
20. Daliborovo Granje - Ćiškapu

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