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nedjelja, 1. lipnja 2014.

Ferragosto JAM 7: KULTUR SHOCK

Kultur Shock is a Seattle-based gypsy punk band which specializes in mixing music like rock, metal and punk with traditional Balkan music. Active since 1996, Kultur Shock combines Balkan folk music with punk, metal and art rock. Its members hail from Bosnia, Bulgaria, and the United States. The band plays in the USA and Europe, has performed over 700 shows in the last few years. Unlike commercial acts exploring a similar musical medley, Kultur Shock is self-financed and self distributed on their own label.
In 2011, Kultur Shock released Ministry of Kultur their seventh album and fourth collaboration with engineer/producer Jack Endino. A release of their new EP- "Tales of Grandpa Guru, Vol.1" is due early summer of 2012, on Kultur Shock Records. The band defines itself as "a live band of blue-collar immigrants". Kultur Shock's style is impossible to define- many critics throw SOAD, Gogol Bordello, Manu Chao, Gang of Four, The Pogues, Balkan folk music, punk rock, heavy metal as references to it, but nothing can prepare the unsuspecting listener to what is going to come out of their home stereo speakers or what's going to happen to them during the 90 minutes live shows that the band is known for. In two words- the description is a mix of all of the above in a seamless new sound, that takes the listener on a trip and never lets go.

  • Gino Yevdjevich- vocals, percussion
  • Val Kiossovski- guitar, vocals
  • Chris Stromquist- drums and percussion
  • Paris Hurley- violin, vocals
  • Guy M. Davis- bass, vocals 
  • Amy Denio- saxophone/ clarinet, vocals
  • Tales of Grandpa Guru, Vol.1 (2012), Kultur Shock Records
  • Ministry of Kultur (2011), Kultur Shock Records
  • Integration (2009), Kultur Shock Records
  • Live in Europe (2007), Kultur Shock Records
  • We Came to Take Your Jobs Away (2006), Koolarrow Records
  • Kultura Diktatura (2004), Koolarrow Records
  • Fucc the I.N.S (2001), Koolarrow Records
  • Live in Amerika (1999), Pacific Records

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