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četvrtak, 17. ožujka 2011.

Ferragosto JAM 4: MR. DIRTY HAIRY

Drugi DJ koji će Vas zabavljati u sklopu ovogodišnjeg Ferragosta dolazi iz Engleske, sad već neko vrijeme živi u Zagrebu... Mr. Dirty Hairy

Mr. Dirty Hairy is a mad nice producer ,dj , and record collector enjoying playing rare funk grooves and the type of hip hop the radio does'nt play. Sometimes he scratches, sometimes he mixes , but most of the time he's just playing good music. He loves Slavonia, gemišt and jazz records..
Look for his production work and mixtapes amongst collaborations in 2011 with Toxz,Kanđžija,Sett,General Woo and some rappers from Zagreb ...

who the fuck is this guy ?
Master, teacher, poet, preacher
Pay attention
And you might learn something.

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di kaže...

heeeeeeeeeeeiry je u kući. plus šećer... nit trebamo druge izvođače,pfff da.

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